MTA Appoints Accessibility Chief Alex Elegudin

Disabled New Yorkers have long had a difficult time accessing subways in the city. Approximately only ~25% of subway stations in New York City are wheelchair accessible.

President of the NYC Transit, Andy Byford, recently appointed the MTA's first Accessibility Chief, Alex Elegudin. Alex Elegudin, a long-time disability advocate and mentor for people with disabilities, runs a blog called Wheeling Forward. Elegudin will oversee and implement the Fast Forward Plan to improve accessibility to subways and buses.

“Advancing the cause of accessibility is one of my top priorities and Alex’s new role will pull together all of our accessibility-related work streams, touching all Fast Forward projects and all NYC Transit departments,” President Byford said. Source: MTA

“I'm incredibly excited to be joining President Byford's executive team,” Elegudin said.  “The vision set forth in the 'Fast Forward' plan will make NYC Transit work better for New Yorkers of all abilities, with a strong emphasis on improving accessibility quickly.  I look forward to being a part of making the plan a reality and helping to make New York City the most accessible city in the world.” Source: MTA

“President Byford’s creation of this new position and Alex’s appointment are a victory for all of our customers who need more accessible subway, bus and paratransit service.” Source: MTA


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